Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
Billing & Inventory Management

01. Complete Control

The Admin Dashboard allowed the company to manage multiple branches of its business from anywhere and allowed its admins to add, edit and manage inventory of all the locations with the click of a button.

The system also allowed them to accept payments from their registered merchants at a later point in time and also calculate the credibility score with which they would be allowed to purchase goods on credit. The system also sent regular payment reminders to both the Merchant's preferred point of communication and notification to Admin.

02. Complex Modules - Simplified

The Requirement was to allow the admin to select a registered Supplier filtered by the Beat Number and record purchases made from the Supplier and add the stock to the database of products.

In Sales, the admin can select to which Retailer the product is sold to and allows them to claim any rewards accumulated through making on-time credit payments from the setting adjusted by the administrator.